Garig Ganuk Barlu National Park

September 2020

The Coburg peninsula is at the very top of the Northern Territory within Arnhemland. It is a remote 4,500 square kilometre paradise.

It is only accessible with a permit and we are the only tour group with a permit to allow motorobikes into the Garig Ganuk Barlu National Park.

Our Tour starts in Darwin with an overnight stay in the iconic Kakadu National Park, before crossing the notorious Cahill’s crossing and heading into Arnhemland. We will reach the Cobourg peninsula on the second night and set up camp there for 2 nights allowing a day to explore the national park. The return journey will take us back through Arnhemland to Cahills crossing, stopping the night at Jabiru in Kakadu and heading back home to Darwin on the final morning.

There are 3 options for this tour:

September 2nd – September 4th 2010 “RIde-Fly Tour”

Ride from Darwin to the Garig Ganuk Barlu National Park and fly out to Darwin

September 4th – September 6th 2010 “Fly-Ride Tour”

Fly into the Garig Ganuk Barlu National Park ride out to Darwin.

September 2nd – September 6th

Darwin-Garig Ganuk Barlu-Darwin ride there and back